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Sell Gula Kelapa
[Aug 07 , 2017]
Price : USD 004
Min Order: 1000
Brand : Gcm Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar is made from coconut sap, a sweet liquid from coconut plant. The sap then become liquid coconut sugar. Heating and boiling process will evaporate the w
[Jakarta Timur, Jakarta]
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Sell Gula R1 Rafinasi
[Aug 27 , 2016]
Price : IDR 11,800
Min Order: 1000
Brand : Mitra Phol
Thailand Refined sugar ICUMSA 45: R1Polarization 20 ° c: 99.80 ° MinimumSulphated Ash COntent: 0.04% Maximum by weightMoisture: 0.04% Maximum by weightMagnetic Particles:
[Pidie, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam]
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Sell Organik Coconut Sugar (Gula Kelapa Organik)
[Apr 22 , 2016]
Price : USD 002
Min Order: 200
Brand : Gulafit
HistoryCoconut Sugar is a light brown to reddish brown crystalline sugar created from the sap collected from blossom steam of the coconut palm tree quckly, it has become
[Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta]
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