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Product Specification Export Corrugated Steel Pipe Indonesia

Whether it's a Corrugated Steel Pipe/Armco?

Plate steel (SS400-SPHC) who underwent the process of formation of wave tlah (wrinkle), and curvature (Curving) as well as in the layer with the system Hot Dip Galvanize after productions.
Made a bumpy so that produce a large moment of inertia so thick with thin plate can withstand considerable loads.

The advantage of using Corrugated Steel pipes:

Meet the test of good standard chemical analysis,physical properties and the thickness of the galvanizing.
An easy and cheap transportation.
Age of high service a layer of Hot Dip Galvanize.
Cost efficiency:


-60 ~ 70% cheaper than concrete.

-Does not require minimal supervision & experts

-The Assembly process that is quick and easy.

-Suitable for cash program.

Eco-friendly materials: 100% recyclable.
Earthquake resistant Bolt system because using connectSI.
According to peat soil conditions



Application of wavy-ombakd Steel Pipe/Armco:

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Drainage or/Culvert
Closed Conveyor
Stockpile tunnel
Sdan tunnel in a wide range of soil conditions.

Dimensions and Type of Corrugated Steel pipe:

A. types of E-100 Nestable Flange

B. Multi Plate Type





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