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Product Specification Export Multi Plate Arches (MPA) Indonesia

MULTI PLATE ARCHES? Multi Plate Arches (MPA) is a type of sheet steel plate galvanized the process korugasi tlah (wrinkle), pelubangan (blow) and curvature (curved) which are assembled using high tensile bolts and connecting the grade 8.8 to adjusted to the required shape and size. Multi Plate semicircular Arches, and in its application hthe current combined with concrete foundations. This type is typically used to define the river that has uneven base surface. ;p;ensi img = "" = "" type = "multi" = "" = "" estimates of plate = "" src = "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/E98hRdvse3mXOAiIWV_MPyVDb8vVwCH8hvZMnBas1EUG7UFLn_k6uFJQj4QxlPTHGx9Oir382aWFHx_Mjx73akbIDiJQkNBCsBMAllsZIMIzAf0TR alt =" table = ""/> VMzndWXIa4LRZtHGpsQPH5JMdDUAkzkj7GTw5MY4d7s1kTku8zfO8YxJ3XHGM-EfcbdziL3mw8xvxNMCGWDpopcvHj-hmuorL6SY-Pf50bqdSu-Xb0HGFVV1j-RxLcf2wIVrXg11cUsPOP6dK alt = "/>



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