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Product Specification Export Road Guardrail Indonesia

Road Guardrail

Roads in Indonesia of course there are still many extreme such as roads in the mountains, in mountainous areas road on the edge of the cliff it is a common thing. Mountain tourist attractions are in great demand by city people when the holidays want to eliminate fatigue with a breath of fresh air and a typical green mountain scenery. With the many travelers who go there of course the access road needs to be considered for the safety of motorists. Guardrail serves to alert the driver of the danger (gap) and protect the road users not to get mired. A guardrail made of steel as a kinetic energy damper if a vehicle hits a roadblock.
Standard Cheap Quality Guardrail

We provide cheap guardrail with quality and standard as below:

- Material: JIS G3101 eq SS400
- Design: SNI 07-0950-1989 and AASHTO M-180
- Galvanized: ASTM A - 123
- Bolt and Nuts: AS 1112 Grade 8.8

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