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Product Specification Export Corrugated Steel Armco Cheap Indonesia


Is a Steel Plate (SS400 - SPHC) that has undergone the process of wave formation (Corrugation), punch (Punch) and curving (Curving) as well as in coating with Hot Dip Galvanize system after the manufacturing.

Below is the Specification of Corrugated Steel Pipe / Armco:

Advantages of using Corrugated Steel Pipe / Armco:

Meet the standard test both chemical analysis, physical properties and galvanize thickness.
Easy and cheap transportation.
High service life Coating Hot Dip Galvanize.
Cost Efficiency
60 ~ 70% cheaper than concrete.
Does not require minimal expertise & supervision
The assembly process is fast and easy.
Suitable for project cash program.
Environmentally friendly material: 100% recyclable.
Resist the earthquake because it uses Bolt Connection system.
Suitable for peat soil conditions
Corrugated Steel Pipe / Armco Applications:

Drainage / Culvert drains
Close Conveyor
Stockpile Tunnels
And Tunnel in various soil conditions.
1. Type of Nestable Flange E-100

2. Type Multi Plate

For quotation request, Technical Explanation and Material Order can visit our website at www.pt-cmp.co.id or can contact our marketing directly at 081399691694.

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